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Oral-B 123 toothbrush with Neem extract has bristles infused with Neem extract. It’s z-shape bristle pattern gives you a better clean by cleaning teeth deeply by reaching between teeth to remove plaque. The neem toothbrush also has an integrated tongue cleaner on the head of the brush that helps clean tongue and cheek.

Bristles infused with Neem Extract

Oral-B 1.2.3 Toothbrush bristles are infused with Neem extract.

Z-Shape Bristles

Cleans teeth deeply, thanks to the wavy profile of the bristles. Cleans gums effectively and reaches between teeth to remove plaque.

Tongue Cleaner

Cleans tongue and cheek with an integrated tongue cleaner on the head of the neem toothbrush.

Change your Brush every 3 months

Dentists recommend replacing your brushes about every 3 months. A new toothbrush can remove up to 30% more plaque than a 3 month old* brush.

*research with a flat trim manual toothbrush.

Discover the Oral-B Difference

Choosing the right toothbrush can make a difference for the health of your whole mouth. That's why Oral-B, a worldwide leader in toothbrushes, offers a variety of manual and electric toothbrushes for your specific needs. So make the right choice and choose Oral-B, the #1 dentist recommended and used toothbrush brand, worldwide.

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